Monday, December 19, 2011

I love my family

I am really glad to have a very good family with me cos without them i am NOTHING! =D They can turn my world from black to white and because of them, i don't feel lonely at all.  I only know the definition of LOVE when i am with them =) For me, no FAMILY. no LOVE! My father is a business man, he is busy all the time but he is willing to spare some time to accompany me to do something that i want and i really appreciate that.  When i was small, he used to play badminton with me and that's how i fall in love with BADMINTON! However, he is kinda old now and he can't play badminton with me anymore, i do feel sad for that cos i miss the time where we play badminton. >.< He used to hold my hand when i was small cos he afraid that i might fall down and get hurt but now he don't hold my hands anymore because i have grown up and i know how to get up when i fall down. =) My mother is a housewife, she knows nothing about the world but she is willing to help me in my homework with her limited knowledge. She always tries to give me everything that i want cos she wants me to be happy.  So, my life is full of happiness because my mum is with me. <3 My siblings are annoying sometimes but they are the best!<3 My life would be so boring without them!  I know they care about me so much =D It is really good to have someone to care about you cos you can feel the LOVE! =) 

                                                  Anyway, i love my family! <3

Monday, December 12, 2011


Sigh, my summer break is so short, around 2.5 months, oh, how can it be? =((((( I need at least 6 months of summer break or maybe MORE cos i just want to stay in Malaysia with my family and my friends! I wanna forget ADELAIDE badly! >.< I told my mum that i have no friends in Adelaide and i feel lonely at there but my mum replied me that "you have to become more independent". Well, i know i am not independent enough but who CARES? Being independent can be tired sometimes =P Maybe i should tell my mum that i can become more independent if only i STAY in Malaysia! XD Adelaide is really boring, i don't actually have much fun at there and i feel stressful! =( Maybe i should go to brisbane, melbourne or sydney cos i can have a lot of fun at there and maybe i can meet a better person at there as well =))) Anyway, i wish i can extend my summer break!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So, i actually hate my housemate NOW!

I hate to say that but i have to say that "I am really angry of my housemate" because she is the one who brings nightmare to me!  I want to say "Thank you" to her because she always organize party at my apartment and those noises make me able to sleep for 4-5 hour only which is really "GOOD" for my body health.  Wow, i cannot believe that i can survive with 4-5 hour of sleep only, so, i am STRONG, huh! I am so lucky to have her as my housemate because i am able to listen to the "lovely noise" created from her every Friday night, this is really COOL! So, i am thinking to organize a party to repay her so that she also can enjoys listening to the "lovely noise" produced by me and my party friends.  I think she will appreciate me for that. =) She is a genius cos she always choose to organize a party one day before my exam, wow, this make me LOVE her more....cos i just cannot fall asleep and the "lovely noises" produced by her again make me feel awake and i can study more.  So, she is helping me to upgrade my academic grade, i should feel happy cos she HELPS me a LOT! 

Anyway, i am tired today! Thanks to my lovely housemate =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My heart is empty heart is empty, it is true cos i don't feel like i have feelings for anyone.  What i mean is i am a "cold-blooded" person, how pathetic.....i wish i can learn how to care about someone with my love but i just can't do it cos i have no FEELING at all! Well, i'm always looking for someone to fill my heart with their love cos i just need some love to make me a better person but not a harsh person. However, when someone is trying to fill my heart with her/his love, i feel weird, i feel so uncomfortable and therefore i have rejected them in a very harsh way.  What's wrong with me? I find myself so insecure and i am not willing to let people who cares about me to join my life! I know i am so selfish that i am not willing to share my life with others and i really feel bad for that.=(  Well, having an empty heart with me is no fun at all, i mean i can feel my heartbeat but i can't feel anything else more than, my heart is basically NOTHING.  If i have "nothing" in my heart, that would be no fun in my life, the whole life.  I think i need something to cure my heart cos my heart is sick. Maybe, i should start to put more trust on my friends, i should trust them that they will fill my heart with their 100 percent pure love! That's the only way....i think....maybe....perhaps.....

                                              I'm kinda addicted to this lovely music

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I miss my home already =((

Arghh, when can i go back to Malaysia? =((( I just can't stand it anymore cos i miss my family so much and i really need someone to teach me on how to make time go by faster! >.< I think i have enough fun at here and now i just want to get back to my parents side and stay with them cos i really MISS them, it sounds weird for me to say that but it is so TRUE! =) Well, i may look tough, independent but deep inside my heart, i am just a little kid who need someone to take care of me, especially my family.  I know this is ridiculous cos i am 20 years old and i still depend on everyone, i know i should not rely on someone too much but i just can't.....well, that's me!  I just want to go back to Malaysia, my home and i wanna lie in my king size bed cos i miss my bed too! =(

                                     *Anyway, that's me when i was small, look cute, huh? =P